M.J’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



When Mana first asked me if I’d ever thought of doing a blog, I laughed. I couldn’t help think, “what a joke?” Me doing a blog? Yeah right! Go on just hand pen and paper over to the dyslexic this will go well. But then he asked me if you had one page to write about anything in the whole world, what would you write about?  My first thoughts?  Family, Taekwon-do or equality. I went to bed after we finished talking with the idea still swirling in my mind.  What would I write about?? I then had the Idea of politics! But let’s face it, with the elections looming we’re all a bit sick of hearing about it! So I’m left thinking what on earth do I talk about then?!
I came back to the very first idea of family, how precious family is, be by blood or choice. How little time we actually have. Life likes to throw things at us at the most unexpected times. It’s never easy. We’ve all had some sort of loss, be it from illness or disease to an unexpected or freak accident.

One of the hardest is cancer, its something that’s touched most of our lives one way or another. It horrid, its mean and once you find out it’s always looming at the back of your mind.

Last February my grandad was diagnosed with blood cancer. And it’s been the hardest thing my family’s had to go through. He’s our rock, he’s our everything. its always there in the back of your mind that one day, he just won’t be there anymore. There’ll be no more slamming the back door on the way out to tell him coffees done. There’ll be no more horrible nicknames, teasing and taunting. There’ll be no more him. No more cheeky grins and twinkling eyes. Just no more.

This has been such a hard year and a half. At times I completely lost interest in my sports for which I live and breath. But you can’t stop, you just can’t, you have to keep going. Because if you stop, it then eats away at you. It sucks you in and it’s so bloody hard to get out. The other hardest thing was watching him change, watching him become an older man, watch him struggle to do the things he used to do with his eyes closed.

The only thing you can do is be there for them. Support them in any way you can. Always treasure the moments because know that one day there will be no more. So hold your family close, sit there and listen to the story’s they want to tell you, no matter how boring you think they might be because one day they’ll be gone. You’ll then wish you sat and listened to them. Time is short, life is short. Hold your friends close, but your family closer.

And know that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope. There’s always going to be someone that will listen, there’s always someone to help.


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