Aaron’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



Experiences. Because technically speaking there is no meaning to our lives or even a point to the existence of humanity or life. The only thing that we know that is real is that we are here and that we have emotions.

Only being in the pursuit of these ‘good’ emotions can push us to live for today and not way out in the future for the pursuit of a positive vibe because if we do it that way we will never be able to attain these sensations. To add an analogy to this it would be like a hound trying to chase after a rabbit on a racetrack. We are chasing something that is impossible to reach due to our current attitude and thinking.

To elaborate and bring this all down to earth, when someone talks about something wild and exciting like going out to town, bungy jumping or sky diving they almost always talk about the rush that they had; and that they would probably want to relive that excitement. But when you swap that living incentive with financial standing or social status, more often than not that is what makes people shiver in that it takes a lot of stress and time to achieve those goals and why waste that precious time (which is an uncertain amount) on things that actually mean nothing other than to fulfil your real goals which is to have a happy, wonderful and thrilling life.

“Do not dwell in the past do not dream in the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Lord Buddha. The core beliefs of Buddha is that of the four noble truths. One of which is Dukkha, which apparently translates to “incapable of satisfying” this is part of a basic orientation of Buddhism in that we are attached to impermanent states and things. This completely aligns with the living incentives I mentioned earlier as those can disappear in an instant. Money can be spent, people can move on as they could see the irrelevance of your existence in theirs. Being alive to fulfill those sorts of goals and possibly even getting them will still leave you feeling empty as you have not fulfilled enough positive emotions to die satisfied. And yes I’ve acknowledged positive emotions can’t be permanent and there is a flaw but it’s just what I choose to believe to keep me out of the trap of looking into the abyss as nothing in the world makes sense anyway.

A common question that comes up after say, a meal or after an event or attraction is “are you satisfied” which shows just how much people are seeking to be just that. My recommendation in the way you conduct life, be spontaneous, be a yes man/woman or whatever gender you identify as, and take the opportunities that are in your hands in the moment. It will itch your need for excitement and in turn, will satisfy as you look back on your death bed and go “fuck my life has been fun”.





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