Jäeger’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



Nothing in this life is more important than family. Not that expensive coffee you had this morning, the new car or house you saved years to get. It’s all superficial but family is everything. The experiences you go through outweighs all the problems you have. that rude customer at work, the broken window wiper not working.

My family have had some great highs. My mum’s wedding. I’ve never seen her so Happy in my life. My nephew being born. But we’ve also had some lows. We lost our house, our dog got hit by a car (he survived) my sister was in a serious car crash.

It all started to turn to shit around the earthquakes. My school year turned to shit. Lost some friends cause they moved out of town. Then my mum’s husband got mentally I’ll and fucked off. She has never been the same since. At my sisters 21st I somehow developed deep depression. I cried for a month straight.

Four years later and we are finally getting our lives back to a point where life isn’t so bad right now. I meet one of the coolest people ever and I’m glad to call him brother. The one and only Mana (stech) Williams-Eade. The sis is getting her career on track. Mums got a new job. I’m up to fuck all. But man am I glad I have them in my life. Family always there whenever you need them.

This has been a chapter in the life of Jäeger.

Peace ✌


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