Nay’s Story 

What is the most important thing to you?



The thing I find most important in my life is Whanau. 

I came from a background where I didn’t have a lot of Whanau or family that lived in New Zealand and we were not closely connected even with the ones in New Zealand.

I found, as I got older, how much I really treasured certain people who came into my life and the positive impact they had on me as a person.

I didn’t feel that they were just my friends, or ‘close friends’, or even calling them ‘positive people who made a huge contribution to my life’. It felt too disconnected from the truth.

So as I’ve gotten older I learned about what family or ‘Whanau’ meant to me, as an individual, living in a world where Whanau is not just the blood that keeps you connected.

Whanau or Family means to me that there is a deeper, spiritual connection that binds us. It means that they are people I can rely on and imagine will be in my life through thick and thin til I’m 110 years old!

That means everything to me- It is something no money can buy and you can’t make it, you can’t pretend it exists and it’s something that lasts forever.

It’s something not everyone is blessed with and it’s something not a lot of people understand.

It’s important to me but it’s also extremely special to me.


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