Harmony’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



The most important thing in my life is LOVE

Love basically equals everything to me.

Love = relationships with family Mum & Dad, siblings, cousins + friends. Pets also come under the word “Family”.

I enjoy being around my family, all the fun moments and memories are like heaven. I would hate to lose the people who I love.

Love = things that I enjoy doing the most which is listening to music and making art. They keep me calm from the things that are challenging. Laughing with my whanau is like my medicine that keeps my spirit up and healthy.

My family keeps me humble and grounded and connected. The rules that are set for me to protect myself. The hope in terms of education that I learned by the people who care for me. In other words, ” love”.

Cheers Mana for this. It helped me in a way to remind myself on who I am.


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