Aroha’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



I would write about family.

If asked, “what is important to you?” And one did not respond in one way or another “family” they would be considered a un cool person. Yet one page is not nearly enough to summarise the depth of importance that family is to me.

In every sense and meaning of the word “important,” the word family will always come to mind. Support, comfort, safety, belonging, these are just some of the values that come along with family.

Ones struggle becomes everyone’s struggle. One’s happiness becomes everyone’s happiness. “Family” are not limited to just blood, friends can also cross over into family. They’re people we love and trust, people who you can rely on in times of need. To lift you up, to praise you when praise is called for, to stop you from crying by inducing you into a fit of laughter. Whether it’s your whole family or just an individual, they provide a safe place where love is nurtured and guide you towards your goals. This is what’s important to me.


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