Alpha’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



I don’t even need to think. Prepare yourself for the most cliché, boring and completely unoriginal idea since Taylor Swifts latest song.

The most important thing to me is making sure I’m happy with who I am. I’m very happy with who I am as a person. For the sake of the blog a quick intro about me is that I’m, 6 foot 1, Brown Hair, Gym Junkie, Loud, I don’t drink or smoke, I’ve never done drugs and I’ve only ever had one romantic partner in my life. I’m a massive nerd. But being myself isn’t always up to me. Which brings me to what is the most important thing to me. It’s my friends. The way ill structure this is in paragraphs with an experience that a particular friend gave me that really impacted me. There are so many to choose from.

The first, ill set the scene. It’s my 18th birthday, it’s me, my best mate and a bunch of work friends. Within this group of work, friends is a girl. She’s like 4 years older than me, nice rack, very flirtatious and who at the time I was quite interested in. Now looking back she probably wasn’t interested in a chubby, fresh out of school, might as well be a virgin 18-year-old boy. But that wasn’t going to discourage me. Me and this girl are at the bar. She talks to me a lot. She buys herself a drink. She hands it to me (knowing full well I don’t drink). She looks deep into my eyes. My heart is racing. My hand sweaty. ‘Drink she says’ ‘Come on Luke for me?’ ‘It’s your special day’ ‘Just try it!’ My dick takes over. I grab the drink. I go to take a sip when I hear this mumbled sentence behind me. ‘Don’t do it Luke’ Behind is a totally pissed bogan who can barely stand. It’s my best friend. ‘It’s against your morals Luke’ I handed the girl back her drink. My friend loved drinking, but even in his drunken state, he knew I hated drinking. He taught me don’t fall for pressure, don’t do things to fit in, and don’t change who you are just to please someone else. A girl should like me for who I am and respect my beliefs not try force hers upon me.

Luke 1

I’m asleep in the warmth of my own bed. My mums amazing homemade cooking in my stomach. I’ve got my nice new clothes and gadgets all over the floor. I’m dreaming of all the parties I can have when my parents pay for me to go to university in a few months. When suddenly I’m awoken by the opening of the sleep out the door and my dog barking. It’s 1am and my best mate has just left to walk to work to do night fill. ‘What a dick he could have been quieter’. In reality, he isn’t a dick, he’s a guy who could, in fact, be the most inspiring person to me. He is a dude who can’t sleep in his own bed. He’s a dude who can only budget to eat cabbage and rice out of a micro wave. He’s a dude who op shops and has to buy old Huawei telephones. The reason he’s doing night fill is because he won’t get to go to any university parties unless he does. This friend taught me to appreciate everything I have. In all honesty, I’m jealous of this friend because he’s more driven and hard working than ill ever be. And if I want to achieve in life it won’t always be handed to me by my parents, you have to be driven and earn success in life.

I’m now in a CD store. Me and my friends are looking at posters, I’m standing there in my $150 Huffer jeans, I have the latest Nikes on. I have an RPM hoodie, jacket, beanie, and shirt on. I have my $500 Ferrari watch on. From across the shop, I see a 3D ‘Batman the Dark Night Rises Poster’. I check the price tag. It’s $35 dollars. Damn, I can’t afford that. I don’t save and I spent all of a 40 hours week pay on McDonald’s. My Best Friend walks over to me. He can tell I want this poster. He’s standing there in a random stripy shirt, a pair of Hallenstein’s pants and some old vans. Nothing about the guys says money. But he takes the poster from my hands walks up to the counter and buys it for me. What a lad! This friend is the richest guy in the group by a mile. But honestly, you’d never know. He’s humble. He doesn’t buy expensive jeans, jackets or Nikes. He doesn’t buy jewelry or waste it on food. He’s careful with his money and spends accordingly. He doesn’t want everyone to think he’s rich. He doesn’t care. He has money when he needs it, like when he’s helping a friend but he doesn’t brag, he’s just him. I wish I could be content with who I am just like he is.

Luke 3

My last best friend has been a savage since day one. I’ll describe him to you. Born in the rough part of Rotorua. He dropped out of school when he was 16. When he was at school he got 10x the number of detentions as me. Every other word he says is ‘Fuck’ or ‘Cunt’. He has long hair and wears all black hoodies covered in the devil stars. He used to do building work. He’s an avid skater and regularly hangs around drugs at the skatepark. This is how people could see my best friend. In reality, my best friend can’t keep his eyes open he laughs and smiles so much. His favorite item of clothes is Justin Timberlake or Naruto shirts. He spends all day making immature jokes and watching fake WWE. His favorite singer is Justin Beiber and Jake Paul. He buys me food all the time and drives to my house every day (bro) to watch Youtube. In reality my best friends a huge anime nerd, he’s just like me. But if I was to walk past him on the street id probably call him scary looking. He taught me never judge a book by its cover. Personality is what matters. I should enjoy doing what I like doing with the people I like doing it with. Just because society says I should do certain things because I look a certain way doesn’t mean I have to.

I could go on for ages, I have friends who are given terrible starts to life but now work towards helping kids get out the situation he was in. I have friends who are more motivated to achieve their goals than a train. I have a stoner friend who’s one of the smartest and open minded people I’ve ever met. That’s why friends are the most important thing to me. I hope I can one day be as inspiring to them as they are to me




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