Yarden’s Story

“What is most important to you?”

I thought about this question for far too long. What is most important to me? Obviously, my family, my friends, happiness, and love; love for others and love for myself. But after many hours of thought and questioning, I finally decided that the most important thing for me was magic.

I never really thought magic was real. Magic to me was Harry Potter-esque, wands, spells and invisibility capes. When I was 10, I created my own magical universe. I used to draw and write detailed explanations of everything in a journal my dad had bought me. I imagined a world full of sparkles, fairies, rainbows, and gold. There would be unicorns and elves, mermaids and wizards. Nothing in this world could ever compare to such wonder. Magic, I thought, was an illusion to make our younger selves believe that there was something out there far bigger than we could ever comprehend.

But what if I told you that magic was all around us, every day, around every corner? Yeah, I wouldn’t believe it either. How can there be magic in something so, well… ordinary? I always thought magic had to be in a story or done by a magician and everything in our real life is so average. That was until I met a boy.

Now, this isn’t a story about falling in love and it being magical, no. This is far greater.

This boy was in the athletics team at his high school. He competed in every running race he could in his 5 years. He never twisted his ankle in his whole running career. One time, he went for a run, stepped in a hole, lost his shoe and landed sprawling about a meter away. Did he twist his ankle? No. Instead, he pulled his shoe back on and continued running. That is magic.

I once had a friend who used to pop popcorn so perfectly there would be like 3 kernels left. Like how weird is that? All you’ve got to do with popcorn is put it in the microwave and press a button or two. But for some reason, no matter which brand of popcorn or which microwave she used, her popcorn was always perfectly popped.

At the beginning of this year, I met a person in my class who never misses a lecture slide while taking notes. They always manage to copy everything down before the lecture moves on to the next slide. If you have ever gone to a university lecture, you would know that this is beyond impossible. Heck, I think nailing jelly to a tree is an easier feat. But somehow, this dude was always ready for the next slide.

Then as I started paying attention, I realized that everyone had a tiny, spark of magic. I know this girl that has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow but it’s still lush and healthy. And a guy I went to school with can hold his breath underwater for 3 whole minutes. And my best friend can hear a song for the first time and he will know exactly how to play it on 3 different instruments.

And that’s why magic is the most important thing to me. Not big sparkly magic, but little magic. The type of magic you don’t realize you have. Just small things that make your life slightly better but are completely unnoticeable on the outside.

As for me? My little bit of magic is the ability to guess people’s heights correctly.