Huia’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?



So the question “what is most important to you?” had many things rushing around in my head, there are the apparent ones of family and friends, or a particular activity you partake in, for me that would be dancing, but none of them really felt like the MOST important thing to me. None of them would even be possible if I didn’t have myself, or more to the point my health. To me, health is the foundation to a happy and prosperous life.


Firstly, mental health, being the youngest in my family, and also quite observant, I was well aware of the issues one of my siblings was having. They fought depression through most of high school and it is still something they struggle with today. I remember thinking at the age of eight or nine “I hope this doesn’t happen to me” as I could see how debilitating this disease was. So at some point, I decided I wanted to live a happy and healthy life, if I was happy then I was healthy and if I was healthy I couldn’t be happier. In saying this there have been times where I wasn’t happy or healthy, but I was aware and hopeful I would be again. Now at the age of twenty, I feel I know how to maintain my mental health whether by talking with friends or going for a run. This brings me to the other side of my health, physical health.


As a dancer, I am constantly pushing my body to new limits, which can be taxing. So it’s important I keep my body healthy so it can take whatever I throw at it. I eat what will fuel my body for a long physical day, I think it is amazing how great an influence nutrition can have on your mood and energy levels. Aside from dancing, I train four times a week to constantly increase my level of performance. There are many benefits to exercising including, improving cardio health, strengthening bones and muscles, the overall increase in energy and a decrease in risk of chronic diseases. All of these allowing you to live life to its fullest. I rely so heavily on my body without it I would not able to do my greatest passion or create my most successful life.


All in all, my health allows me to live the life I want, on my terms. It is not something black and white, there are many shades that ebb and flow. At the end of the day, I try to make the best of wherever I am.