Harry’s Story



Personally, I find questions like these very difficult to answer because I am extremely indecisive. Often, I want to give multiple answers, each for a different reason. There are many aspects of life which I consider extremely valuable, but there’s something I always seem to be aiming toward without knowing it, and that’s my freedom.

I may be stretching it slightly beyond here, but if it ever came down to selecting a single thing that is most important to me in life, it would be freedom. In a way, it encompasses a lot of what I stand for in life and its essential to my happiness. When discussing my idea of freedom to others I don’t want them thinking that they should drop everything, jump in a van, take the bare necessities, and drive the length of the nation with me. As sweet as that would be, we must be more realistic. All I’m trying to get across is that should work toward the ultimate goal of being free, and while working toward it we should take time now and again to be momentarily free.

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot of life lessons over the past couple years whether I’ve liked it or not. Studying architecture here in Wellington has become a definite love-hate relationship. But one thing that’s always stood out to me during this time is that I was only ever truly happy when I found a sense of freedom. It’s something I see as a catalyst for my happiness. Every time I find myself wanting to give up or whenever I’m battling through something, the one thing that makes me pick everything up again is the thought of being free. The thought of getting out somewhere wild and untouched with those I care about, whether it be to the mountains, falls, lakes or the sea, and just letting go of all the weight. I favour those moments like crazy and all the best memories I’ve made with my mates and family have involved us doing exactly that. If it were possible to do it every day of my life I would. But there’s more to life than running wild with the bulls.

Family is always something I will favour over everything else, including my close friends who are practically family too. Without my family being who they are, and without them being there through everything, I wouldn’t have the freedom I have today. Whether that be physical or mental freedom. I owe a lot to my parents especially, and I know how lucky I am to have them both there being forever supportive of my decisions, and when need be, guiding me back on track. In a way, family is freedom or somewhat a release from everyday stress. When I make it back home to them in Auckland, all my stress and pain seems to drop away a hell of a lot easier.

It’s been so important during these last couple of years. At university it’s so easy to slip into this isolated way of life where it’s a constant cycle of stress, assignments, partying and sleep deprivation being caused by each. By simply being around family, you get put back into perspective and get reminded that what you’re doing with your life right now isn’t set in stone and there are so many choices and changes to come. If you aren’t happy, then change direction. I believe that if it’s something you really want, then the rough times will get progressively smoother. Nothing is a fairy-tale and we all have to make sacrifices before freedom becomes a reality.

Yeah, so… Overall, I guess I just want to be free. With family and friends together, I will get there. In the end and occasionally on the way, I will be happy. In the flesh, it isn’t much, but it’s all I truly want.



Jumping out through the Hunua Falls a good night out in Clevedon – a wicked adrenaline rush, a bit stupid, but a bloody good moment of freedom.



A recent adventure to Bethels Lake with some good mates to celebrate 20 fine years on earth and cure the hangovers after a rum-raging night.