Sam’s Story

What is the most important thing to you?





It all began from a young age. Growing up in a rural area of New Zealand I was extremely lucky to have such an amazing landscape to explore and experience both on my own and with my childhood friends. The weekends were a time of planning or erratic decision making, leading to the most exciting journeys through dense shrubbery and up steep slopes. There was always something new.


My consistent desire for outdoor adventure has definitely shaped me as a person, although, there is still a lot I need to work on. Adventure has allowed me to create even stronger bonds with the people who are already close to me. Recently myself and a close mate of mine travelled out to Upper Hutt, we were seeking adventure. Long story short, after hours of hiking up various paths and taking a slew of different roads we ended up in the middle of nowhere, we had walked around 30km and it was getting late, unfortunately we had to Uber back to the Hutt but the sense of achievement was high nonetheless.


However, the feeling of getting lost and especially with someone close to you is something I consider as a form of relief, respite and something very important. Not only because it removes me from the high stress city environment and creates the ultimate form of meditation but also because I know the bond between myself and whoever I am travelling with is strengthened. It is awesome to share the sights and sounds of a journey with the people closest to you because you know they will remember those moments forever and reflecting on those stories which are developed can sometimes be just as good as the adventure itself.


Another adventure I experienced recently with someone close to me was all the way out in beautiful Waikanae. Although, the day was not so beautiful we took a range of different paths to get to the beach which looked stunning but the cold wind and rugged weather made it a challenge. I am going to remember that adventure far more vividly than if it was a walk in the park so to say.


Lastly, I would just like to give a small piece of advice to anyone who maybe doesn’t venture out into the wilderness so much. Give it a crack, develop bonds with people around you, don’t be afraid to stray off of the path, and be sure to focus on the sights and sounds of the natural world.


  • Sam