The goal of the WHAT WE SEE blog is to provide young people in our community with stories and tools that they can use to protect their well-being. To build a narrative that encourages all members of our community to share what has been most important in their lives and also to discuss what tools those people have used to protect their well-being spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 


How will we achieve this?
This will be achieved by using the voices of people in our community who share their stories and experiences in a safe, communal forum. The delivery approach to this is to ask a series of questions that people can speak to that highlight what is important to them and the tools they use to safeguard what is most important to them.


What is the secret formula?


The special ingredient is tapping into the experiences of others. By sharing their experiences will show what is significant to that person. By sharing what is significant to a person and backing that up with experiences will help aid people who are going through mental health hardship with recommendations